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Meet John


I'm John Raimondi, founder of RAIMO New York Style Pizza Consultants.  Being born in Bari, Italy, I grew up eating pizza and by the age of 14 I was busy making pizza!  At 21 I bought my first Pizzeria and continued to hone my pizza skills. 


I hold a degree in Restaurant Management from the State University of New York. I've owned 4 restaurants over my 30 years in business; Pizza and Italian specialties come naturally to me.


Having perfected my craft, I'm often asked "How do you make great New York Style Pizza?"  Now I'm looking to pass along my expertise and knowledge so you can be successful too. I'll pass the torch and have you making great New York Style pizza in no time.

John Headshot.jpg
John Raimondi

Founder RAIMO New York Style Pizza Consultants

P: 631-831-2499

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